NYC to the North Pole: November 1 - January 3

Here we go – NORTHBOUND.  New York is our starting point for this challenge – take one last walk through the city before you embark (you won’t see a Starbucks for a while).  Start walking, skiing, and snowshoeing your way up through Canada.  Trek over the North Atlantic before hitting land again on Greenland.  Watch out for wildlife and try your hand at ice fishing while you’re here.  Our finish line is waiting for you at the north-most point in the world!

  • Sync with your personal fitness device, enter steps from a pedometer, or use an app.
  • One non-MPS friend can join you for free!
  • Lots of fun along the way!

Our online interactive program will track how many steps you walk along a map. You will be able to sync with your current personal fitness device, enter steps tracked on your pedometer or use the Apple Health or Google fit to measure your steps. 

Click here for the Getting Started User Guide. Click here to view list of compatible devices/apps.



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